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Counseling On Demand is focused on providing the absolute best care through experienced counseling professionals.

Our therapists are compassionate, understanding and empathetic to your situation.

It’s normal to experience anxiety or nervousness when beginning a relationship with a counselor; our introductory session is designed to build rapport and together explore if a continued engagement is the right fit.

Our therapists will work with you to develop a positive plan to set goals and make positive changes in your life.

Meet Our Counselors

Matthew Hunt

Lead Online Counselor and Life Coach

My aim is to provide you the “tune up” for when you find yourself feeling a bit unstable or unsupported. Together we can get you back on the road to thinking clearer, feeling better, and enjoying fulfilling relationships with those you care for.

Linnea March

Life Coach

I have been educated in transformation methodology since the 1980’s and I have a lifetime of experience to share with you. I have been honored to coach young people just starting out in life to seasoned executives nearing retirement.

Dedric Wright

Life Coach

Is your life on autopilot? Has life thrown you a curveball? Are you confused about the next step in your personal or professional life?

Courtney Vlk

Life Coach

As a health and life coach, I use a holistic approach to replace negative habits with small but impactful positive changes that you can practice every day. As we get older, it’s even more important to find a balance in health and wellness that not only focuses on nutrition and movement but also on sleep, stress management, and routines.

Missy O'Dell

Faith Based Life Coach

I love to help those who need support. To provide a gentle yet encouraging boost to enable my clients to discover and live a better life.

Andrea New Relationship Development NLP

Andrea New

Relationship Development- NLP

My approach is realistic to my client’s needs. My focus is individualized and simple. I teach my clients how to develop the confidence within themselves and their current intimate and professional relationships. My goal is to enhance my client’s strengths and help them succeed. I use a variety of skills to aid in helping my clients gain confidence to tackle past, present and future difficult situations.

April Weir

Life Coach

I have a passion for helping others accomplish their goals and achieve what they need to live a happy and fulfilling life.

Alexy Sterling

Life Coach

Are you ready to manifest your dream life?  The world truly needs YOU to embody your joy and happiness.  Everything you need is available, right here and right now.

Kamal Mahalingam

Life coach

I am a person with empathy. I will always try to listen and understand where you are coming from. I am a strong believer that you can do anything that you can set your mind to.

Sandra Donaldson

Counselor – MDIV, DMIN

Life presents many challenges and seeking counseling can offer a new perspective about the possibilities of growth and change.

I provide quality counseling to individuals, couples, families, teens and clergy.

John Young

Pastoral Counselor

Fueled by a passion for character building, life coaching and spiritual rejuvenation, John Young merges spirituality with the practicality of everyday life. His candid and revealing approach engages clients and assists them to pursue a life of integrity, success and happiness.

Tony Trimble

Online Therapist – Ed.D

I am a psychologist and mental health counselor in my 40th year of providing services to clients in need of help. My areas of specialization are addictions, depression, anxiety, and grief.

Tyesh Harris, Life Coach

Life Coach

On the face of things, you look like you have it all under control but inside you are overwhelmed and trying to pick up the pieces. You are successful but underneath you are burnt out, struggling to see a meaningful path forward. Internally, you know that you cannot continue living your life the way things are.

I understand. I have worked with clients to realize new powerful perspectives and I provide the necessary insights and tools to create a sustainable self and path forward. Before I started my business, I was a very successful music and finance executive working with some of the most well known musicians, analysts and firms on the planet.

Rachel Cooke

Online Therapist – NCP

I’m an integrative therapist and I see the relationship between you and I as the most important aspect of what we do. I have 5 years of clinical experience in Ireland and the UK helping a variety of people to make their lives more manageable and fulfilling. Whatever is troubling you we can work together to find the right decisions and solutions for you at whatever pace you’re comfortable with.

Sondra Gentry

Online Therapist -D. Min.

I have 18 years experience working with children, couples, individuals and families. Eight years of experience in group counseling stems from that commitment to helping families. Included among relevant counseling experience is previous employment as a college instructor in the departments of Psychology, Early Childhood Education and Religion.

Jennifer Uchitel

Online Therapist – LMHC

My experience working with individuals and groups, along with your openness and honesty, would be a great platform to start working on your personal goals.

Dr. Beverly L. Swanson

Christian Consultant Visionary Consultant & Life Coach

Have the past few years thrown you in a tailspin? Are you in a transition in your life? Now is the time to Take hold of your life Claim your Destiny and Conquer your Fear! Moving forward from stagnation in ones Spirit~Mind & Body requires a “Lifestyle & Mindset Change.” Change is never easy. This type of change requires Direction, Tools Guidance, and Encouragement.

Adam Parsons

Online Therapist

I work from a client-centered approach with specialization in health condition management, anxiety/depression, ADD/ADHD, pain management, and autism spectrum disorders.

Grant Long

Online Mentor and Basketball coach

My mission is to show you that mental advantage. Talk to me when you are preparing yourself for the game; even the night before.

Lisa Falls


I will help guide you through your difficult time in a private setting with sensitivity and caring.

Amanda Bryant

Christian Life Coach

Have you ever put everything you have into something to find out that it is just not going to work? I have, and it is quite disheartening.

S.Eric Ward

Wealth Strategist

I believe that drawing a road map to financial freedom should not be complicated. I partner with my clients to help navigate the often confusing financial world.

Cindy Jackson

Career Coach

My Approach – Finding the right job is more than salary and location it is using a strategic matching process to ensure this is the right culture, the right position and the right career trajectory for you now and in the long term.  Let’s talk about your career, your aspirations and your cultural preferences then let’s craft a plan to get things moving in the right direction.


Karen E. Sharpe

Certified Life Coach, MS Communications
Life Cycle Celebrant

Feeling stuck? Unsure of what’s next? Are you ready for change? Whether personally or professionally, in relationship or single, you have the wisdom inside you to envision how to be better, do better, and feel more fulfilled.

Kelly A. Perry

Resiliency Coach

Let’s train your brain. It’s already going negative. How can we add more positive emotions to your life? Bad things are going to happen. How can we change your thinking and take productive action? We will discuss developing a sense of wonder, values, strengths, reframing, balancing your thinking, mindfulness, and more.

Amber Hannon, MS, RD

Wellness Coach

The ups and downs of life can make maintaining a healthy lifestyle difficult.  In addition, navigating the best approach alone can be confusing and frustrating.  My goal is to empower you to meet your wellness goals, feeling better than ever inside and out.  Whatever your goals may be, I am excited to help you along the way.

John Bubello

Certified Life Coach, B.S. Operations Technology
Triathlete, Musician

If change were easy, we wouldn’t need resolutions every New Year. The reality is that change is challenging and developing motivation to change alone can be difficult.

Jasminka Jasarevic, MS, RD

Life Coach

The first step to any
conversation is getting to know you. What seems to bother you? What areas in your
life prevail the most? Do you have daily anxieties that seep out on a regular basis?
We will take small steps that will be monitored and broken down into chunks.

Julianna Lopez

Life Coach

My experience has taught me to be an empath and a long with honesty, it’s what I bring to every session.

Madison Carter

Life Coach

Through my experiences, it has taught me to be a helping hand and a listening ear to those seeking help.