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Tyesh Harris
Life Coach Bio

On the face of things, you look like you have it all under control but inside you are overwhelmed and trying to pick up the pieces.  You are successful but underneath you are burnt out, struggling to see a meaningful path forward. Internally, you know that you cannot continue living your life the way things are.

I understand. I have worked with clients to realize new powerful perspectives and I provide the necessary insights and tools to create a sustainable self and path forward.  Before I started my business, I was a very successful music and finance executive working with some of the most well known musicians, analysts and firms on the planet. For over 25 years, I have coached and mentored hundreds through their careers and personal lives and move to a better way of living and being.

I am committed to working with clients to be equipped to handle the rapid and changing situations that come with life and relationships and to confidently take responsibility and ownership of their vision for a better way of life.

Career & Life Coaching

Are you the person who has spent years or are in the process of climbing the corporate ladder, striving to be that team leader, go to for your clients? Feeling confused and empty inside? Trying to find meaning in your life? Wondering why you are even doing this? At the end of your rope? Making a career change or trying to find a new job/career path?
Maybe you miss out on family dinners, time with children, romance with your spouse? Are you a perfectionist? Are you stressed and burnt out yet “soldiering” through it? Are you unable to find a relationship because you just dont have the time but you’re lonely and would like to be in a fulfilling relationship?

All of this is leading us to a point of higher stress levels, stress related illness, absence and inability to cope and build solid healthy career oriented and personal loving relationships.

Results Driven Coaching

Through a combination of one on one sessions, at home training exercises, I am committed to:
⦁ You releasing your burdens and realizing the life you have always wanted to achieve enabling you to live a happier and healthier life.
⦁ Achieving Balance – Self, Family/Friendships, Career/Work, Physical/Emotional, Spiritual
⦁ Identifying what you care and do not care about, your non-negotiables.
Tyesh Harris has a Bachelors in Business Development, minor in Marketing, Strategic Marketing coursework completed Cornell University, Life & Career Coach Certification received from the Life Coach Training Institute and a is member of the International Coaching Federation

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