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Sad Woman

What is Depression?

Depression is defined as a condition where a person experiences discouragement, sadness, hopelessness, and disinterest.

A person with depression is unmotivated by life in general. When the feelings are experienced for a short period of time, then depression falls under the “case of the blues.”

However, when these feelings are experienced for a longer period of time, for example more than two weeks, and the feelings interfere with normal, daily activities such as taking care of family, going to work or school, and spending time with friends, then the experience is likely a depressive episode.

Depression, even major depression, is treatable, because as an illness, it affects the way in which a person feels, behaves, thinks, and functions.

All depression and anxiety disorders are not equal. One person’s experience with depression is not the same as another person’s experience with an anxiety disorder.

Each person with their respective condition experiences similar symptoms such as nervousness, problems with sleeping and concentrating, and irritability. However, each disorder has its own causes and symptoms.

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