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Sandra Donaldson

Counselor – MDIV, DMIN

Life presents many challenges and seeking counseling can offer a new perspective about the possibilities of growth and change.

I provide quality counseling to individuals, couples, families, teens and clergy.

The focus of my practice is the healing of past hurts, grief and loss, treating abuse victims, depression, anxiety, repressed memories, pre-marital counseling, marital and family issues and life transitions.

I also assist professionals including pastors and doctors, to set appropriate boundaries with others in their personal and professional lives. I have been a practicing spiritual psychotherapist since 2004. I am a member of American Association of Pastoral Counselors, and American Association of Christian Counselors.

About Me

My approach is one of curiosity and hopefully one of compassion. When you come to my office I want to sit with you, mindfully listening to your story, hearing you intentionally with my mind and my heart.

There are some modalities I use: Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral, Solution-Focus, Narrative, Trauma Focus and tools from other traditions that serve us as the need arises.

I will also try to provide education where needed to help you understand the things you don’t know about and appear curious about. Each person is so unique that I try to listen to what might be appropriate for the person in my office at that particular moment.

There are things about you I will need to know if I am to be of service to you and I ask for your honesty. Some of that information goes on paper forms. Some of the information I will ask you in our initial interview and in subsequent sessions.

When you are in my office, I also expect that you will have questions, and I welcome them. If I can’t answer the questions, we can mindfully look for the resources you will need to get the information you seek.

Special Focus

  • Relationship Issues
  • Spirituality
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Abuse (sexual, emotional, physical)
  • Grief or Loss
  • Trauma and PTSD
  • Clergy Challenges / Burnout


  • B.S. Human Services, Southern Illinois University
  • M.A. Pastoral Care & Counseling, Anderson University School of Theology
  • Vayhinger Care & Counseling Award
  • C.P.E. St. Vincent Hospital, Indianapolis, Indiana
  • D.Min. Pastoral Care & Counseling, Christian Theological Seminary
  • CTS Counseling Psychotherapy Award
  • Dissertation: Compassion Fatigue & Burnout Among Clergy

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