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My Approach

Finding the right job is more than salary and location it is using a strategic matching process to ensure this is the right culture, the right position and the right career trajectory for you now and in the long term.  Let’s talk about your career, your aspirations and your cultural preferences then let’s craft a plan to get things moving in the right direction.

Whether you are out of work, currently unhappy at work or looking to see if you are maximizing your potential; work is an enormous part of our life and needs to do more than provide a paycheck, it is often your source of purpose and service and can be a critical part of fulfilling your personal, financial and spiritual needs.


I have worked as a Full Cycle Recruiter, Subject Matter Expert, Consultant and Faculty Member Sourcing Solution as well as a Mentor, Advisor and Career Coach.  Keeping my pulse on the shifting needs of the market, the current and emerging trends will help you find the best fit.

  • 8 years as a Full Cycle Recruiter and Account Manager
  • 6 years as a Business Development Manager in the Recruiting Space
  • 15 years of Subject Matter Expert, Consultant and Faculty Recruiting for Complex Requirements
  • 10 years in Research & Development – Principal Investigator recruiting
  • 8 years as a Business Owner and Principal Hiring Decision Maker


  • Post Graduate work in Organizational Leadership
  • MBA in Management and Organizational Leadership with a minor in Technology from Kent State University
  • 3 years running internship programs in Consulting at Academic Level both Undergraduate & Graduate Levels
  • BA in Psychology from Kent State
  • Internship in Clinical Psychological Assessment

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