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Have the past few years thrown you in a tailspin? Are you in a transition in your life? Now is the time to Take hold of your life Claim your Destiny and Conquer your Fear! Moving forward from stagnation in ones Spirit~Mind & Body requires a “Lifestyle & Mindset Change.” Change is never easy. This type of change requires Direction, Tools Guidance, and Encouragement.

I am a Christian Consultant, Visionary Consultant, and Certified Professional Life Coach well Known for wisdom with a zest for women in transition to not just succeed but to soar! Let me Equip Inspire Empower and Partner with you in the journey to your destiny. I have worked in the corporate arena, I’m a Vietnam-era veteran, an entrepreneur, minister, wife mother, and grandmother.

My life’s passion is for each and all to walk in the confidence and excellence of your own unique God-given gifts. Are you a woman veteran looking for someone to talk to? Contact me. today.

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