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Take hold of your life…Claim your Destiny…Conquer your Fear! Moving forward from stagnation in one’s Spirit ~ Mind & Body means a LIFESTYLE ADJUSTMENT is necessary and a lifestyle adjustment requires Direction, Tools & Guidance. Let me Inspire ~Empower and Partner with you in the Breakthrough to your Destiny! Personal Life Development Consultant, Christian Counselor, Spiritual Advisor, Spiritual Life Development Consultant. Specializing in: Relationships, Women, Young Adults Adjustment Issues, Veteran Re-Adjustment Issues, Bereavement, Lifestyle Transitions.

Faith Based~ Foundation is in the Word of God for guidance, direction, sharing the proven principles of the Word for everyday living. One who can provide a “Blueprint” that will give direction through Restoration, Refreshing, Transformation and Transitions.

dr. beverly radioWhat are your dreams, your visions, have your personal life experiences held you back? Have they hindered your growth? Are you entering a new season, time in your life, where you want and need to invest in yourself? Are you entering a new marriage? What about motherhood, employment, or your own Business…your first experience with teenagers?

Now is the time in your life you have made a decision that you want to shine above all others. Did you know there is not a question or life circumstance that has not been addressed in the Bible, which I affectionately call the “Book of Life? “We do not have to go through life, alone or with anxieties, worry or fear. One just needs knowledge and guidance…God’s way.

I have five years of experience within my field. I am a Vietnam era veteran of the United States Air Force, have worked in the Corporate arena, as a Chief Operations Officer, am well-traveled throughout the US and Europe and am a retired Law Enforcement Agent. I have a Doctorate in Divinity, and I am an ordained minister. I am a mother a grandmother, and I believe I have much I can share with you…all you have to do is have the desire. You are a winner, victorious, prosperous and wonderfully unique, and this year and every year is your year.

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