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Depression in New Graduates Entering the Work Place

Depression for Recent Grads in Workforce

New to the Workforce? Advice for Graduates on Making the Transition

For a graduate starting a new career, the transition from school to career can be a traumatic one. A young adult is still emerging from the stress of high school or college, where she spent years attending classes and studying while surrounded by people her own age. The dramatic differences between work and school are most noticeable in the years immediately following graduation, making it important that a young adult is fully equipped to cope.

New Schedules

In the rush to land a great job, a graduate may not have time to think about what a new career will mean until the first day of work. As she sets the alarm and wakes up to tackle his morning commute, she’s still too excited to think about the changes her new career will bring to his life.

But once the excitement wears off, the new professional often finds the adjustment isn’t as easy as she’d imagined. Suddenly, she’s surrounded by much older people who may or may not have welcomed her with open arms. She may find his co-workers show signs of jealousy or contempt for her new position, throwing obstacles in her path. Even in a supportive environment, she may still feel isolated, since so many of her co-workers have been on board much longer than she has.

Increased Responsibilities

In addition to the significant culture shift she’s been forced to endure, a recent graduate is also usually tasked with a much larger sense of responsibility than ever before. Even if she’s lived on her own in a dorm or apartment during college, tackling adulthood for the first time as a graduate is a new challenge altogether.

Bills, rent, and taxes are all issues a new adult will be required to grapple with while she’s beginning her career. If she hasn’t already, she’ll be tasked with learning to balance a bank account while also trying to build enough credit to buy a car, home, or major appliance without requiring a co-signer.

Emotional Impact

With all of these sudden changes, it’s not surprising that incidents of depression and anxiety are higher among recent graduates. Since many of these young adults are strapped for both cash and time, they can also neglect to get the help they need. Online counseling has proven a great alternative, both for its affordability and convenience. From the comfort of a home or office, these young professionals can set up quick video sessions to learn how to better cope with the many changes they’re experiencing.

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