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Depression in New Dads

Depression in new dadsToday’s young fathers are part of a unique generation. Raised themselves on technology, they can’t remember a time when they couldn’t Google a problem and have an answer in just minutes. As this generation of males becomes the next generation of fathers, technology will likely follow, serving as a tool for all of the challenges that plague new parents.

For that reason, it’s no surprise that this generation of new fathers is increasingly seeking online assistance with an issue that is coming to light worldwide. A recent study revealed that five to ten percent of new dads grapple with depression during the first five years of their children’s lives. Because those first years are so crucial to a child’s development, experts are emphasizing the importance of resolving these issues as soon as possible.

Paternal Depression

While many have long been aware of the dangerous effects of maternal postpartum depression on both a mother and her child, paternal depression has always been off the radar. Only recently, thanks to a study from Northwestern University’s Feinburg School of Medicine, have experts begun to realize that new fatherhood takes an emotional toll on some fathers, as well.

The study followed more than 10,000 men from adolescence to adulthood, tracking their mental health as they ventured into parenthood for the first time. Of the men who were enrolled in the study, nearly 3,500 had become fathers by the end of the study and more than 2,700 lived with their children full time. During the course of the study, the resident fathers saw a 68 percent increase in their depression scores following parenthood.

Seeking Treatment

Unfortunately, paternal depression has a direct impact on the children of those fathers. In those crucial, early years, experts say a father may not be able to be the positive, guiding influence a child needs him to be. Treating fathers could be beneficial to each member of his family.

With the demands of juggling career and new parenting duties, many fathers may not have time to seek professional counselling. For these busy fathers, online counselling has provided a valuable option to traditional therapy sessions. From the comfort of a home or office, dads can speak with a licensed counsellor on a regular basis, getting the help they need to cope with the many psychological demands of new fatherhood.

Licensed online counsellors can provide the same services a patient would receive in a therapist’s office. Not only does this option give new dads the convenience they need, it also offers that element of privacy that is so important to those coping with work and life demands.

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