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Dealing with Summer Stress

summer stress, anxietyWhen people think of summertime, they imagine hours of lounging on the beach without a care in the world. They might think of summer as restful, rather than stressful. But for many people, this season brings feelings of anxiety and stress as they experience extreme disruption in their daily schedules.

There are a few things you can do to reduce your anxiety during the summer months. By taking small steps to take control of your surroundings, you’ll be on your way to once again having an enjoyable summer.

Set a Summer Schedule

Summer can especially be disruptive for parents, who are forced to adjust to their children being out of school all day. For stay-at-home parents or those who work from home, this can dramatically alter regular schedules, forcing them to change their daily tasks to accommodate bored youth. Those who are accustomed to a routine can develop new routines for the summer, creating a formal schedule for each day. Share this schedule with the children in the house, assigning them tasks and weaving in a few set times each day for activities they enjoy.

Take a Mini-Vacation

For many people, a source of daily stress is the simple fact that they aren’t on vacation. Meanwhile, everyone else seems to be, going by social media postings and absent co-workers. If you can’t make time for a family vacation this year, consider taking a mini-vacation in your own town. Even if you just spend the afternoon walking around your local downtown area, it will likely feel like a break from the normal. If possible, enjoy a long weekend getaway at a nearby tourist destination to give yourself the small recharge you need.

Consider Online Counseling

Counseling can help an individual work through summer anxiety, providing some useful coping skills for dealing with change. Taking time out of your already busy schedule can be difficult, especially if your summer involves working or caring for children. In recent years, online counseling has become a convenient alternative to traditional in-office counseling sessions, allowing people to engage in video chat-based conversations with professional counselors from the comfort of their homes or offices.

If you have a taste of the summertime blues, talking through your feelings could pinpoint the cause of your anxiety and stress. Once you understand the events causing stress, you can take steps to repair them, which will allow you to relax and enjoy the rest of your summer.

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