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Schedule a 60 minute session with one of our qualified counselors.


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Scheduling an appointment with Counseling On Demand is very easy and is the first step toward taking charge of your life.

Our introductory complimentary consultation is designed to help us better understand your needs and allow you to become acquainted with one of our caring and professional therapists. If you are a returning customer, please choose the 60 minute session.

If you are interested in scheduling an appointment with one of our online counselors, please choose our timed sessions above or a subscription plan below.

Subscription Plans
Total Package Plan $50.
One 30 Minute Skype/Phone Sessions plus weekly email or text feedback.
*Total Package Plan $160.
Two 60 minute Skype/Phone Sessions plus weekly emails or text feedback.
*Total Package Plan $272.
Four 60 minute Skype/Phone Sessions plus weekly emails or text feedback.
Here are a few testimonials

I’ve been to several other counselors before and you have been the first that I’ve connected with that gave me a sense of hope for change. Thank you!

When I needed that expert “push” you were there to do it. Thank you!

When I was feeling ‘down and out’ you helped to lift me out of this darkness. The tools that I have gained through counseling with you will stick with me for the rest of my life. Thank you…

Meet Our Counselors

Matthew Hunt

Lead Online Counselor

My aim is to provide you the “tune up” for when you find yourself feeling a bit unstable or unsupported. Together we can get you back on the road to thinking clearer, feeling better, and enjoying fulfilling relationships with those you care for.

Sandra Donaldson

Online Therapist – MDIV, DMIN

My approach is one of curiosity and hopefully one of compassion. When you come to my office I want to sit with you, mindfully listening to your story, hearing you intentionally with my mind and my heart.

John Young

Pastoral Counselor

Fueled by a passion for character building, life coaching and spiritual rejuvenation, John Young merges spirituality with the practicality of everyday life. His candid and revealing approach engages clients and assists them to pursue a life of integrity, success and happiness.

Alexa Moody

Life Coach

Life coaching is about genuine curiosity and wanting to see all angles of a client to help them realize and achieve the potential within themselves. My goal: to define where you are now, to work with you to carve out a vision for your future, and then to help get you there.

Tony Trimble

Online Therapist – Ed.D

I am a psychologist and mental health counselor in my 40th year of providing services to clients in need of help. My areas of specialization are addictions, depression, anxiety, and grief.

Rachel Cooke

Online Therapist – NCP

I’m an integrative therapist and I see the relationship between you and I as the most important aspect of what we do. I have 5 years of clinical experience in Ireland and the UK helping a variety of people to make their lives more manageable and fulfilling. Whatever is troubling you we can work together to find the right decisions and solutions for you at whatever pace you’re comfortable with.

Sondra Gentry

Online Therapist -D. Min.

I have 18 years experience working with children, couples, individuals and families. Eight years of experience in group counseling stems from that commitment to helping families. Included among relevant counseling experience is previous employment as a college instructor in the departments of Psychology, Early Childhood Education and Religion.

Jennifer Uchitel

Online Therapist – LMHC

My experience working with individuals and groups, along with your openness and honesty, would be a great platform to start working on your personal goals.

Dr. Beverly L. Swanson

Online Counselor – D.D.

I have five years of experience within my field. I am a Vietnam era veteran of the United States Air Force, have worked in the Corporate arena, as a Chief Operations Officer, am well-traveled throughout the US and Europe and am a retired Law Enforcement Agent. I have a Doctorate in Divinity, and I am an ordained minister. I am a mother a grandmother, and I believe I have much I can share with you…all you have to do is have the desire. You are a winner, victorious, prosperous and wonderfully unique, and this year and every year is your year.