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Psychotic Depression – Psychosis or Severe Depression?

Psychosis is not usually thought of as a form of depression, but a severe case of depression can be characterized similarly. Those severely depressed can harbor false beliefs, delusions, even hallucinations; losing touch with reality.

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, about 20 percent of people with depression have episodes so severe that they see or hear things that are not really there.

This can be very serious, so it is important that you get an assessment before there is an inability to speak, to leave the bed or to seek help. is the go-to place right now. We know depression.

Why us? Because we are here for you now; able to hear you out and point you in the right direction.  And this can be done right there in your present place.

Assessment is not quite as simple as it might sound. There are many causes of these symptoms such as medication overdose or side effects, sudden catastrophic trauma, intense grief to name a few. You may need a mental health professional such as a Counseling on Demand counselor, familiar with such conditions, to sort out the elements of your situation so as to get to the bottom of what to do next and how soon to do it.

Should you or one you know suffer from a form of psychosis, treatment may require a combination of antidepressant and antipsychotic medications prescribed by your trusted health professional. “A review of 10 studies concluded that it may be best to start with an antidepressant drug alone and then add an antipsychotic drug if needed. Another review, however, found the combination of medications was more effective than either drug alone in treating psychotic depression”. (

So you see, help is available and effective.

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