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The Pope is in Town – But not everyone is pleased

While the faithful have been preparing for this for months, others have been dreading it.  The visit serves to bring into bold relief the pain caused you, by trusted clergy, who betrayed you in your youth.  Pain that you have tried desperately to rid yourself of, in hopes of erasing it from your memory.

Here is how one victim reacted to the Pope’s visit; “Robert Costello, who survived sexual abuse by a Roman Catholic priest when he was a child, says he is not looking forward to Pope Francis’ visit to the U.S. this week. Interviewer How did you feel when you heard Pope Francis was coming to the U.S.”? “Kind of like a punch in the gut. I just remember this stomach ache type thing where there was just dread.” (NPR Sept 22, 2015, Here&Now, with Robin Young and Jeremy Hobson interviewing Robert Costello)

This visit acts as what fellow mental professionals term, a trigger; that which wells up horrible emotions from within.  At times such as this, it is best to visit your trusted counselor and to revisit to your prescriber if you are on medications.

Please do not misunderstand our motives, we are not in the business of criticizing the Pope or all he represents.  We are not qualified nor is that our focus; moreover, we are certainly not “ambulance chasing”.  We are advocating.  Advocating for you.

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