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Stress and Heart Attack Two Origins, One Consequence

Deirdre Mattina M.D, 1Men and women respond to stress differently. Being under a lot of stress can lead to heart issues including high blood pressure, and the ways women and men face stress varies. In women, stress is more likely to be caused by emotional responses – feeling overly busy at work, or worrying over being a loving parent or marital issues. In men, stress is sparked more often by physical events – and can be seen in activities like running on a treadmill.”

For men, it could be a one-time intense physical exertion. For both men and women, a regular exercise routine could be “just what the doctor ordered”.

American Heart Association, 2 “Medicines are helpful for many things, but usually not for stress. Some people take tranquilizers to calm them down immediately, but it’s far better in the long term to learn to manage your stress through relaxation or stress management techniques. Be careful not to confuse stress with anxiety. If you suffer from anxiety, speak with your doctor about a treatment or management plan including whether you need medication. Figuring out how stress pushes your buttons is an important step in dealing with it.”

WebMD, 3 “Some people have a hard time with stress because they are depressed. If that’s you, seek help from a doctor or counselor. Depression is linked to heart disease, and it can be treated.

If you’re finding it hard to shift your way of handling stress, take a stress management class, read a book on managing stress, or sign up for a few sessions with a therapist. It’s an investment in your health and the quality of your life, both now and for years to come.”

     This is where Counseling on Demand comes in. We can team up with your trusted health care provider for stress-relief counseling.

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