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Some Secrets Are Not Worth Keeping

Secrets that prevent us from seeking help for mental health

Approximately 60 percent of adults and almost one-half of youth with a mental illness receive no mental health services. (National Alliance on Mental Illness, NAMI)

Is it the stigmatism of admitting the need for help? Do we fear that others are too quick to view mental illness as a form of moral weakness or lack of will power? (Psychiatrist, Dr. Jean Kim)

How about our jobs and careers?  Will our employer stall or thwart our chance for advancement… or even terminate us?  How about our struggles within our faiths?

All or many of these fears may very well be mistaken. In point of fact, we all are aware of our faults, the areas of our lives that may cause others to think less of us, areas that we ourselves wish were not there- an addiction, a bad temper, impurity, hateful/thoughtless remarks.

It is true that every family has its secrets; however, it is the content of the secret that really counts. Painful, or life-changing secrets potentially can damage an entire family’s mental health and well-being for some time.

They can destroy relationships, affect other’s lives, cause suspicion and resentment, create a false sense of reality and even cause physical illness.

(Suzanne Handler, M.Ed, World of Psychology, Psych Central)

This is where Counseling on Demand comes in. You need not go through this alone.  With our support, you can get through these times.

We can help you work with your mental health secrets- even guide you toward revealing them as appropriate. You needn’t leave your favorite/private place. Nobody must know until you are ready. Nor must you wait for an appointment.  We are there 24/7. You can begin in 24 hours or less.

You may contact us now. Your first consultation is free.

We await your call, email or text directly. If you want a face-to-face, we can Skype you on your computer, cell phone or tablet.



I am the Founder and CEO of Counseling On Demand with a Master's Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy with over 25 years of experience in helping Individuals, Couples, Adolescents, and Families who struggle with a wide variety of Life's Challenges. I thus have developed an Array of Effective Counseling Tools and Evidenced-Based Interventions to help you towards Your Road to Better Mental Health and Wellness. You are Never Alone...I look forward to meeting with you or your family member soon!