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What is Life Coaching and How Does it Help

Do I Need a Life Coach? 


The International Coaching Foundation has 22,500 certified Life Coaches in North America and 65,000 worldwide (DiscInsight, 2020).  If you do not know where you are going you may not know when you get there.  Having a vision of your future with clear, definable goals and milestones with a trained guide can make all the difference in helping you get there.  Life Coaches move your mindset, instill tools and resources to help you improve your strengths to achieve your goals.  


What is a Life Coach? 


A Life Coach works to help you determine your personal strategy, define goals, set milestones, and provide you with tools to achieve success.  Some Life Coaches work on Personal Development, others on Business or Professional Development while some are generalists working on more than one focus.  A life coach can focus on your Health and Wellness needs, your career plans or simply provide you with the ability to clarify your wants, hopes and desires for the future track of your life.  A Life Coach can be your motivation, your guide and strengthen the clarity you need to achieve your goals.  


Is that a Counselor?  


A Life Coach focuses your present to achieve the future you desire.  A counselor helps you unravel past experiences to manage your present.  The Coach is more directive in general, although each brings their own style to the process.  A Life Coach is focused on directing you toward your definition of success. 


How can they Help? 


Changing your mindset is often the most critical step in making changes in your personal and professional life.  If you always do what you have always done it will lead to the same results.  Focused, committed actions to lead you to your goals is the role of the Life Coach.   Inspiration, motivation, and accountability are all key areas that Life Coach can assist you with.  

Specialized Life Coaches can also help with Wellness and Nutrition, Professional Strategies and Athletic Goals.  Changing your mindset often leads to a reduction in anxiety and can be useful in managing depression.  Life Coach especially when combined with Counseling can be a powerful to manage depression and anxiety while achieving your goals.  

Most Life Coaches work in a virtual environment and can be part of your online, on demand health and wellness program.  Counseling on Demand offers a cadre of Certified Life Coaches that can help with general and specific goals.  

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