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Get Your Power Back

Get Your Power Back!

Once in a while, we all tend to slip up and lose our confidence as individuals. We become headstrong and follow a certain path in our lives and then we get lost due to disruptions, events or circumstances that we aren’t ready to deal with. It’s ok to be this way for a while but if it’s too long, then it’s a case of hopelessness. Hopelessness can then lead to anxiety and depression. Don’t fret! It doesn’t take much to regain your power back. Once you learn how, you’ll be glad you did it. 


Distraction is key to relief

I’ve brought up before Teal Swan and her thoughts on hopelessness.Her best advice to regaining your power back is to distract yourself for a little while. With distraction, your emotional state improves and your frequency is raised. However, you want to be careful that distraction doesn’t become a permanent thing and you don’t want to use it as an escape mechanism. Sonia Ricotti, author of Unsinkable: How to Bounce Quickly When Life Knocks You Down, has similar views to Swan. She makes a point that when you are going through a difficult rut, you would do anything to get out of it. Matter of fact, you reach out to others to give you the answers. Hence, they’ll give you advice based off of their experiences and so it may not be beneficial for you. That is why you have the answers within you. The only reason you are not aware of these answers is because you are experiencing a brain fog, which limits you from listening to yourself. During your brain fog, it’s important to take care of yourself and use distraction as a momentary technique. This can be done by meditating, journaling, exercising or anything that puts you in relief. Without this, your anxiety and depression becomes exacerbated. 


Surrender to What Is

Doing this means to accept the current state of being in your life and make peace with it. Teal advises to allow yourself to accept life as it is and then give up trying to be in control with it. By doing this, you are practicing to surrender. Similarly, Sonia says to dismiss judgment or complaining about your life. Instead, accept where you are because once you do, you will feel so much better about yourself. For example, if you are $5,000 dollars in credit card debt, don’t give meaning by saying stuff like “Oh my God, I’ll never pay this off. How am I going to get the money? I have to work a double shift.” Instead, just say something like, “ Ok, I am currently in  $5,000 dollars of debt. I don’t like it but it’s okay. I will figure this out. I’ll make it work” Do you see the difference? For the first example, I added meaning to being in debt for $5,000 dollars. When give up trying to make your situation mean something, you gain clarity and you proceed toward on your next step because you’re not resisting your situation or bringing yourself down for that matter. 


Regaining your power doesn’t have to be big in chunks or stages. You can take small steps in order to achieve your goal. The important thing is to reflect on your life and become with it. Become with the current state of being and resistance. It may be uncomfortable but the further you turn away from it, the bigger the resistance becomes. That’s why being where you are will take you further to where you want to go. 


”Surrender to what is. Let go of what was. Have faith in what will be.” ~Sonia Ricotti

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