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Fall Activities to FALL Back On

A while ago, I posted an article on seasonal affective disorder leading to depression and how it’s important to get more light into your life proceeding with light therapy. This is just one mechanism. It’s also important to get out and breathe in the fall air before it’s gone. If you are in a rough spot, then try at least one of these activities. You will feel content and forget about all of your troubles in the moment. 

According to My Domaine, these are the following activities to include during the fall season:


Leaf Jumping

This simple activity is so much fun to do on your own or with your family. It’s a blast of adrenaline for the very few seconds you experience jumping into the soft leaves. 


Visit a Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin patches brings the entire family together. My client’s friend uploaded a recent video on YouTube of her and her family visiting one. It’s a day full of food, festivities and pumpkin picking. It’s much more exciting than an amusement park.


Set up a bonfire

Not everyone can build a bonfire since it’s considered illegal in some states. If you are able to build a bonfire, then check out this site on safety and instructions. 


Go to a fall festival

 Fall festivals vary in every state. Visit one and engage with people, food and activities. Check out Meetups to find fall activities in your local area. 

In addition, Woman’s Day has some ideas for fall festivities:


Plant bulbs for the Spring

Certain flowers can be planted in the fall in order to bloom for the Spring. Tulips are one of those flowers. It’s best to plant them 6 to 8 weeks before winter. So, early September and October. 

Fall foliage-You might wonder, what’s fall foliage? It’s simply sites, or places, that encounter different colors of leaves blooming simultaneously such as red, yellow, orange and green. You don’t have to go far to find a foliage, just visit your local park!


Try apple cider donuts

 I am dying to try one of these! If you are too, check out your local donut shop. If you want to make your own, try this recipe from Country Living


Host a Harvest Party

 A harvest party is a nice get-together with family and friends. If you are interested in hosting one, check out this site

Ultimately, you want to enjoy fall as much as you can before the harsh winters come. This list is limited. Go out there and find out what’s going on in your town! Even if you don’t want to engage, find some activities that you can do by yourself. We all need to recharge ourselves. So, why not try something new? 

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” ~F.Scott Fitzgerald


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