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Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta: Top business city and a primary transportation hub of the Southeastern U.S. (Forbes)

How does your mental well-being fare in its hustle & bustle? Stress, Anger, depression? In other words, how do you survive a bumper-to-bumper commute at a creep of less than 15 mph while avoiding stress or road rage? How about job insecurity? Sleep well at night?

Here are some personal comments from residents:

“If you are moving to Atlanta here are a few things you need to know:

Traffic is terrible. 20 miles can easily take 1 1/2 hour depending on what area of Atlanta.

It is a “Right to work state” which means they can fire you for little or no reason”.

Here is the good news:

“Atlanta hosts a variety of history museums and attractions, including the Atlanta History Center and the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site.  This unique cultural combination reveals itself at the High Museum of Art, the bohemian shops of Little Five Points, and the multi-cultural dining choices”. (Forbes)

These amenities are great for decompression.  Relaxing on your balcony, patio or backyard can do the job too.

If these are not sufficient, we are here for you.  This is where online Counseling on Demand comes in. You need not go through this alone.  With our support, you can get through these times day to day.

Call on us. We can help. You needn’t leave your favorite/private place. Choose a secret space at work, home or wherever you can have a secure conversation about these delicate matters. Nor must you wait for an appointment.  We are always there for you. You can begin in 24 hours or less.

You may contact us now. Your first consultation is free. We await your call, email or text directly. If you want a face-to-face, we can Skype you on your computer, cell phone or tablet. Check out our chat line. We are just a click away.

I am the Founder and CEO of Counseling On Demand with a Master's Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy with over 25 years of experience in helping Individuals, Couples, Adolescents, and Families who struggle with a wide variety of Life's Challenges. I thus have developed an Array of Effective Counseling Tools and Evidenced-Based Interventions to help you towards Your Road to Better Mental Health and Wellness. You are Never Alone...I look forward to meeting with you or your family member soon!