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Troubled Relationships – Sharing in a Loving Relationship

Does something in your relationship bother you? Speak out. Isn’t yours worth fighting for?

Typically, such breakups we hear about result from insurmountable conflicts- even out and out fights.  Seldom do we hear of quiet drifting apart breakups. Many times we even express our admiration of such civility.

Not so here:

Laura tells her story of the leaving of her marriage after twenty years,

“Three years ago, my husband and I broke up after two decades of marriage. We are conflict-averse, quiet people. No one was at fault. The relationship (in my opinion, at least) had just run its natural course”.

“My marriage had long ago turned into the cliché of roommate-ness, and that it could suffer such a change without any emotional upheaval was revealing. In fact, the silence said it all”.

“I never spoke of the anger in my heart, the mounting resentments and hurts, and neither did he. I never demanded attention or care, and neither did he. And that’s why we broke”.

“What hurts most is not the loss of the marriage. What hurts most is that our relationship had never, evidently, been the kind worth raising one’s voice about”. (By LAURA PRITCHETT, No Sound, No Fury, No Marriage, NY Times, MAY 20, 2016. She is author of four novels, most recently “Red Lightning”)

The good news is that, not having a supportive partner, and/or not being one yourself, your relationship can improve toward a highly satisfying one… with a bit of effort and tenacity.

Here is how our counselors at online would help repair and/or enhance your togetherness.

Together, we would discuss the simple pleasures in your lives:  Sitting together for a moment, watching a movie, talking, having sex, raising your voices

Further, we would explore the reason(s) for, and in a deeper sense, the underlying dynamics of that lack of interaction.

And rekindle the spark that brought you together in the first place.

We are just a click away.

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