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Your Heart Skips A Bit...and It's Normal1

Your Heart Skips a Bit…and It’s Normal

Many people say that their heart skips a beat for someone they favor. Yet, how normal is it to experience heart palpitations? Should you see a doctor? A heart palpitation is when your heart abnormally increases, decreases or misses a beat. Reason being is because it stems from anxiety. Educating yourself on heart palpitations can help you understand how severe your condition is and if you need to see a doctor. 

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is a response to stress often when feeling threatened. To some extent, it’s okay to have anxiety such as facing a terrestrial storm. On the contrary, we may face anxiety everyday because of life’s challenges. When we experience anxiety, our body activates the autonomic nervous system, or ANS. This is also known as our “fight or flight” response. It helps regulate the heart so when it’s triggered it can cause various reactions to the human body. 

Treating Arrhythmia

A normal heart rate is between 60 to 100 beats per minute. However, for arrhythmia, it can vary and it’s important to know the different types of arrhythmias. Tachycardia, heart beats are seemingly fast. Bradycardia, heart beats are slower than 60 beats per minute. It feels like your heart is thudding. Atrial fibrillation is a combination of both. If at any point you are experiencing palpitations without an anxiety-inducing cause, please see a cardiologist. Any arrhythmia that isn’t caused by anxiety can be a sign of anemia, thyroid disease, low blood pressure and a heart condition. 

We Are All Different 

Remember, one person’s trigger is not the same as another person’s trigger. You may feel terrified of heights, yet you may know people who would space dive into Earth. The sad part is that anxiety can make you miss out on a lot of life’s opportunities. If this is you, I suggest you speak with a mental health professional to break down your fears and  barriers. 

It’s important to eat well, exercise regularly and sleep enough. These three are the basic premises of our health. Is your heart beating abnormally? Is it the cause of anxiety? Check in with yourself before attempting to go to the doctor. Hospitals are still packed due to Covid-19 so it’s important to call first and talk to the next available nurse. Avoid anything or anyone that you know might trigger your physical wellbeing. The more you can de-stress, the easier it will be on your heart. 


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