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Write Out Your Feelings

Write Out Your Feelings!

Writing is a therapeutic tool we take advantage of. Most of us don’t know how relieving it is until we start doing it. If you are suffering from an anxiety disorder or depression, writing can be helpful. Reasons people don’t write is because they are scared to uncover their true thoughts and feelings, yet I assure you that nothing to worry about. If you still feel this way, then make sure you have a quick remedy in case you feel triggered. Writing acts as our guide leading us to our next path. It allows us to be honest with ourselves and discover hidden core beliefs we never knew we had!


Benefits of writing out your feelings

Writing helps clear out hidden thoughts and feelings that come to the surface giving light to the situation. It helps clarify underlying beliefs, deep-rooted thoughts, feelings and emotions that are associated with anxiety and depression. When you write out reasons you think something is holding you back, you can almost feel for the reason and dig a little deeper to clear out those core beliefs. You will feel so relieved about doing this! However, this cannot be done if your mind is overwhelmed and cluttered. Writing brings out clarity, in which you understand yourself better. It might bring out ideas and solution to your problems you never knew were there. 


Matt’s Advice-Exercise “letter” writing

If your interest is to write a letter to someonethe process is very simple. First, address the person you want to write to and recall your experience with this person. Write out every single thing this person has said or done to hurt you. Reflect on how you feel about them and if it has changed. Then, read over your entry and pinpoint only a few things you would say to this person. Reason being for this is because you don’t want to ramble on and exhaust yourself in case you do want to send it out to them. You want to be clear and direct, even if you do have a few things to point out. I suggest you consider this as an exercise first. Why? Once you have written everything in detail, it’s going to bring some relief to you that you may feel you no longer want to write to this person. You’ll learn some things about yourself and you’ll become resilient. In case you still want to send them a letter, just follow the steps I have addressed above. 


Generally speaking, writing can be your new best friend. It relieves us from the pain that results from anxiety, stress, and depression. It helps clear out unnecessary thoughts and benefits us from clear decision making. If you are having trouble, then start small. For example, write about how your day went. This will help you reflect on your emotions and you’ll begin to trust yourself in your writing. I hope that this has been helpful to you. There is no wrong way to start. Just grab a cup of coffee, pen, and paper and write, write, write!

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