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Dear Ungrateful Boss...

Dear Ungrateful Boss…

In the past, I have talked about how writing is an essential part of letting things out. Sometimes you have so much you want to say yet you can’t find the right words. If you are thinking of resigning from a company, then it’s important to set aside personal feelings on paper before sending in your resignation letter. I took a sample from my client’s letter to her employer as she opened up about her feelings. However, you write it, letting things out helps relieve you from the strenuous amount of stress and pain. 


Dear Ungrateful Boss,

Being your employer made me feel like a child put on the corner and slapped by their own mother. You weren’t constructive and I will never forget how you made fun of me when I opened up to you about my problem. It was too late for me to realize how much of a mistake it was to open up to you. I have never had a boss shut me down. You always had double standards on everything. So, we had to follow your rules yet it was ok for you to do whatever you wanted? I don’t think so! I feel like all you saw was this scrawny, shriveled, insecure side of me. You never appreciated me for the things I have done for you. You called me in the middle of my workout to cover your shift because you had a family problem and not once did you appreciate me for it. Nobody else wanted to do that for you! If I was such trouble for you, then why didn’t you fire me? Oh, that’s right. You have your reputation to take care of. Instead, I had to quit to get away from your abusive behavior. I bet you were relieved to see me leave. You know what’s really sad? None of us created drama. You did! And you had us go against each other! How manipulative and unprofessional it was of you to do that! I hope you never mistreat someone the way you have mistreated me. No one deserves it. 


As you can see, my client did not have it easy with her former employer. There was a lot of suppressed anger and emotions. I asked her to take some things out of the original letter as it contained profanity. By all means, use profanity if you need to. It’s your letter, so be as free as you can be. Just make sure you have a clear purpose in case you want to talk to them in person, or are thinking of resigning. Either case, remain calm and use proper language to remain courteous and professional. It will go a long way. Trust me.

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