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Stress At Work? Read This!

Stress at Work? Read this!

We all experience stress in a work environment. However, when it becomes excessive, then that is what you should watch out for. Stress at work can have a disadvantage to one’s health such as anxiety, depression and unhealthy coping mechanisms such as overeating, eating junk food and abusing nicotine and alcohol. Therefore, it’s important to keep your health on track. These stress relief tips can help you cope in the workplace and gain your focus back. 


According to the American Psychological Association, there are a few relatable workplace stressors. These include lower salaries, excessive workloads, unclear performance expectations and fewer opportunities for growth within the company.


Healthy Coping Mechanisms


Here are a few ways to help you cope in a stressful workplace environment. 


Track your stressors to identify how you respond to your situation. Record your thoughts and feelings and the setting involved. Identifying your stressors can help you find your patterns and discover solutions for them.


This goes without saying but when it comes to a stressful work environment, a healthy dose of breathing is essential. Find at least 5 minutes to yourself to breathe through your stress. If you are taking your problems home with you, then sit for a few minutes, breathe through the problem and jot down anything that comes to you. If you cannot write out what you are feeling, then draw out whatever you visualize coming through. I discovered this exercise from a client who deals with everyday stress. She finds it extremely helpful, because it’s combining breathing and writing. Two exercises in one!


This may be the hardest thing to do but talk to your supervisor. A lot of people stray away from talking to their bosses because they are either scared or feel that their issues won’t be resolved. Listen, your boss cannot read your mind. If you don’t tell them what’s wrong, then they will never be able to help you. Here is what I suggest you do. On a piece of paper, write or type out all of your obstacles, fears, doubts, and insecurities. Don’t shy away from anything. Let it all out! Once you have poured your pain onto paper, leave it aside, find some distraction and come back to it when you feel refreshed. When you look at it again, you’ll be clear on the problem and you might even think of a solution. 


If you absolutely need additional help, there is something called an employee assistance program, or EAP. Your employer can refer you to a mental health professional if needed. They offer many different counselors specializing in areas of workplace violence, stress, trauma and even trouble at home and problems in your personal life. 


A Watch WellCast Solution


A YouTube channel by the name of WatchWellCast has an amazing activity in regards to workplace stress. There are three reactions to a bad situation-removing yourself from a bad situation, changing it or accepting it. Make three columns titled “remove, change, and accept.”Along these columns, identify 5 commons stressors in your workplace and place them onto each column you feel is necessary. Once you have identified each stressor, and placed them in the right column, write out short solutions for each of them. 


In all, I hope that these tips have been helpful. Learning to cope with work stress gives back focus and clarity that you need. Coping with stress relieves anxiety and depression and prevents unhealthy habits, such as overeating before it begins. Remember, how you take care of yourself determines the end result. 


“Stress  is a circumstance but you are a force.”~WatchWellCast, YouTube channel on wellbeing 


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