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Everyday Anxiety and Depression: Why Do I Have Them?

counseling anxiety and depressionMany of us go along in our day to day lives…until one day something feels “off”. That “offness” could be the very beginnings of depression and/or anxiety.
We mental health people call them “triggers”.


There are many triggers. Some of which are widely known and some not so much. For example:

Trauma, grief, financial troubles, unemployment, a broken relationship.
Recognizable, right?

But here are some surprises identified by Caroline Murray:

Seasonally Adjustment Disorders (SAD), trouble with the changing seasons
Thyroid Disease
Poor Sleeping Habits
Online chat rooms and social network sites- too much time with them
Endings of pleasurable things- a TV show or movie: even the finish of a home renovation
Where you live- especially urban areas
Too many choices- in shopping, money management, anything
Birth control pills (or other meds)
Lack of proper diet- too little fish (Omega 3)


Bet you can guess the triggers of anxiety. Right, stress:

Stress regarding health, money, family or work… sound familiar?

How about these conditions: a medical illness (heart attack, heat stroke, hypoglycemia), illicit drugs, prescribed med side effects.

But, as the staff at Psych Central says, Generalized Anxiety Disorder is, more than the normal anxiety we experience day to day. Having this disorder could mean that we are always anticipating disaster, often worrying excessively about them.

Sound a lot like depression triggers as well don’t they?

That’s why many therapists will tend to treat you for both. This is because often we sufferers are distressed and need help to pinpoint a specific cause.

When this state of mind manifests itself in you, it would be very helpful for you to be able to give it a name; yes, a name.

This where Counseling on Demand comes in. We are good listeners and good namers. If we recognize it as possibly physical, we could refer you to your MD. If it were a troubling situation- one (or several) to which you were reacting normally, our expertise and experience could recognize it and…name it. Wouldn’t you feel a bit better knowing that it is not just you? If the cause could not be quickly pinpointed (or not pinpointed at all), we could still help.

Talk therapy has been shown to help- even when you are on appropriate medications (This combination, talk and meds, can improve your timeline for improvement).

You are not alone here. Movie celebrity, Ms. Glenn Close, indicates that one in four of us will experience mental issues at some time in our lives, but some 60% do nothing about it. She has created a foundation for it.

It takes openness and courage to seek help.

Can you do that? Call, text, email, Skype, use our chat line to contact us at the address below:

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