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Turning What We Have Into Enough

Turning What We Have Into Enough

Turn what we have into enough and more –Melody Beattie

Pray for what you have, and all your prayers will come true.  Traffic jam, spilling coffee on your shirt, and being late to a meeting, what went right?
How did you get to the meeting? Are you fortunate enough to have a car or live near reliable public transportation?
Is the shirt on your back could be keeping you warm and protecting your skin? Maybe it is a gift from a loved one?
Did you work hard to secure this meeting? Was it to catch up with an old friend or receive advice from a mentor? Did you have a work meeting to pay bills or pursue your purpose?
Most days, my son says, “I am not grateful for anything.” I can feel the same way. Then I think of taking something away. What if I did not have arms to hug him? I change from taking my arms for granted to being grateful for them.
Gratitude does not get rid of negative emotions. Gratitude adds more positive emotions to life. You can take proactive steps to train your brain. Our natural fight-or-flight response makes us pay attention to the negative and narrows our thinking and experiences. How do you want to respond? Do you want to be more creative? Find meaning in your daily experiences and tell stories of gratitude.

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