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The Resilient Ghostee

The Resilient Ghostee

Being a victim of ghosting can feel as shallow as a wading pool. It feels like there aren’t enough people who want to date let alone commit. In my experience, I fell in love with a guy who ghosted me not only once but twice. I guess I should have known that he would do it again. Needless to say, I dwelled on the thought of him for about a year. It was pretty bad, yet the one thing that helped me was talking to other people with the same issue.

This is where Wisdocame in. Wisdo is an app for people to connect with others who have had similar life experiences. When I joined the app, I merely wanted to talk to someone who had a ghosting experience like I did. I connected with someone who was in a relationship with her partner for three months and then he just vanished out of her life.

Considering that I am a certified life coach, I wanted to treat our conversation as a session. I asked her thought-provoking questions, in which she was comfortable answering. In the midst of our conversation, I realized the central dot of the issue. Her partner didn’t know what he wanted, which set off mixed signals and signs he was sending to her. He rushed things with her making her believe that everything was going well. This was my revelation and the possible reason why my partner left me.

Figuring this out relieved me from a year worth of pain. I slowly started to focus back on myself. I still think about him, yet I don’t have that crave anymore like I used to. If you are going through similar pain, check out the Wisdo app and talk to someone who will share their experiences with you. More so, seek help from our counselors who are ready to talk to you.​You will get over this person and you will meet someone who will be on the same level as you. There are plenty of fish in the sea, yet only the hungry ones will come after your bait.'