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Mental Disorders Concept

The Cost of Mental Disorders

Businesses lose billions to employee illness

Business owners, do you regularly receive sick call ins? Are they physical… or are they manifestations of mental illness?

Cliff Ranson, editor in chief of Popular Science Magazine tells the story of a friend who worked awful hours, nights, weekends, you name it.  As a consequence, he slept less and less while, at the same time, his job ramped up”.

“He finally gave his two weeks’ notice”.

“Stress is a fact of life- an unacknowledged epidemic, the true scale of which is still unknown”, Ranson says, “Add to that the usual though no less daunting pressures of child-rearing, elderly parents (including adult children returning home), education, health care and finances”.

Boston Cardiologist, REENA L. PANDE, “We know that emotional health and physical health are very tightly intertwined. We know that medical and behavioral issues together lead to significantly worse clinical outcomes and dramatically greater absenteeism and impairment at work”.

“We know that unaddressed behavioral health issues lead to more than $200 billion in avoidable medical costs and lost productivity each year”.

“But there is hope. Because we also know that high-quality, evidence-based, and easily accessible behavioral health care can make a real difference in people’s lives, alleviating depression, reducing pain and speeding return to work. The right care at the right time can keep employees in the labor force and keep them out of the doctor’s office.

(REENA L. PANDE, Boston cardiologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, is chief medical officer of AbilTo, a behavioral telehealth company, responding to The Men Missing From the Job Market”, NY Times editorial, Oct. 17, 2016)

Business owners, have you considered availing your employees of a company-paid therapist/counselor? It is a benefit that would save $$$ and reduce time lost.

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