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Mental Health First Aid Kit: Pregnant Women

As the coronavirus is spreading worldwide, there are many pregnant women infected with the disease. Next to senior citizens, pregnant women are the most vulnerable than any other group. Between doctor visits and other priorities, pregnant women have enough to worry about. They are bringing life into this world and the last thing that they need is a doctor telling them they are tested positive for Covid-19. If you are pregnant and reading this, here are some things for you to know to ease up on the stress of your pregnancy. 


Pregnant women and the coronavirus.

Considering that the virus occurs from droplets of cough and sneeze, it’s important to do your part to minimize the spread of the virus. In addition,  you should also keep hydrated and get lots of rest. Doing so will help maintain your immune system. Since there is very little research on the coronavirus and pregnant women, it’s hard to say if they are more susceptible to the illness and the impact it may have on them. 



A question most pregnant women would have is, “can I breastfeed my baby?” Again, there is no evidence that the virus shows up in breast milk. Since it spreads through respiratory droplets, mothers should always wash their hands and wear a face mask to decrease the virus exposure to the infant. 

Talking to your doctor.

If you have traveled and got in contact with someone infected with the Covid-19 disease, it’s best to talk to your doctor on what to do. I say this respectfully, but please don’t just go in. The space for rooms may be limited and there are a lot of sick patients with the virus. So, call your doctor, tell them if you are experiencing any symptoms and let them determine the best treatment for you. 


Another thing new mothers may question is, “what if doctors won’t be around to deliver my baby?” Doctors and nurses will not be pulled from their regular schedules and duties. The birth of your child is very important to them. Make sure to talk to your doctor about this before you go into labor. 

The coronavirus is a new disease that doctors are still learning about. Pregnant women must take precautionary measures since they experience the most flu-like symptoms during their pregnancy. It’s important to also have help when needed so don’t hold back if you need to talk to your doctor. You are bringing a life into this world and that’s why you have to be extra careful with what you do. Wash your hands frequently, wear a mask when needed and cover your cough and sneeze. Being a mother is the most rewarding part of life. Nothing is more precious than the love between a mother and her child. 


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