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Coronavirus & Pregnant Women

Previously, I have written about pregnant women and the effect of COVID-19 affecting pregnant women. Since the disease is new, there isn’t enough research to emphasize this. I decided to dive further and learned that pregnant women could be at a higher risk of the coronavirus because their immune system suppresses it. Furthermore, pregnant women need to take further precaution ensuring the safety of their lives and their newborns. 


In most cases, women with COVID-19 barely showed any symptoms. Also, there doesn’t seem to be any evidence of transmission of the coronavirus to the baby during pregnancy. It would be helpful to know more so that it can reduce anxiety among most anxious pregnant women. That’s why it raises the question, why are pregnant women at a higher risk for respiratory infection? The reason being has to do with the fact pregnant women are in an immunosuppressed state. Meaning that their immune defense decreases so that the mother’s body doesn’t reject the pregnancy itself. The physical changes in a new mother compresses the diaphragm and reduces lung volume. Hence, as there is intense stress on her respiratory health, there is less amount of oxygen to breathe. 


Furthermore, the reason pregnant women have mild to moderate symptoms is because severe symptoms, such as pneumonia, occur in older adults with weakened immune system or long term conditions. Fortunately, there are no reported deaths of pregnant women because of COVID-19. However, if you have asthma or diabetes then you may be more prone to the disease. Most importantly, the virus has not been found in the transmission of breast milk to babies so experts are highly recommending breastfeeding. 


For many pregnant women, this poses a unique challenge for them as they need to often go to doctor visits. It’s important to keep tabs on how you’re feeling and be in communication with your doctor at all times. If you experience a fever, please contact your doctor as urgently as possible. Fevers can cause stress to the fetus. It can lead to birth defects or even miscarriages. Remember to take care of yourself emotionally, physically and mentally. In the end, your body responds at best when you are at best. 

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