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Massacre in Oregon – Psychopathology; Not all are killers.

Psychopathology is at the far end of the mental health spectrum from Narcissism through Sociopathology ending in Psychopathology. Of course, a great many of us are somewhat narcissistic to some degree.  We enjoy looking in the mirror figuratively or literally.  But we do not progress to the other extreme. We at Counseling on Demand understand this spectrum and we know what to do about it.  Our mission is to counsel those in need long before things get out of hand.

Read on:

Psychiatric Association in 2013, lists both sociopathy and psychopathy under the heading of Antisocial Personality Disorders (ASPD). These disorders share many common behavioral traits which lead to the confusion between them. Key traits that sociopaths and psychopaths share include: A disregard for laws and social mores, a disregard for the rights of others, a failure to feel remorse or guilt, a tendency to display violent behavior

In addition to their commonalities, sociopaths and psychopaths also have their own unique behavioral characteristics, as well. Sociopaths tend to be nervous and easily agitated. They are volatile and prone to emotional outbursts, including fits of rage. Psychopaths, on the other hand, are unable to form emotional attachments or feel real empathy with others, although they often have disarming or even charming personalities”.(Scott A. Bonn Ph.D.Wicked Deeds, How to Tell a Sociopath from a Psychopath Understanding important distinctions between criminal sociopaths and psychopaths in Psychology Today 2014)

While Narcissism is difficult to recognize (even in yourself), it can progress.  If you know someone who might need our counsel, or if you have your own questions;

This is where Counseling on Demand comes in. You need not go through this alone.  With our support, you can get through these times.

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