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Marriage & Committed Relationships Improve Health

commitmentBoth Physical and Mental Health

The ‘smug marrieds’ may have good reason to feel pleased with themselves as experts now confirm that long-term committed relationships are good for mental and physical health and this benefit increases over time.

In an editorial published by student BMJ, David and John Gallacher from Cardiff University say that on average married people live longer. They say that women in committed relationships have better mental health, while men in committed relationships have better physical health, and they conclude that “on balance it probably is worth making the effort.

Men’s physical health probably improves because of their partner’s positive influence on their lifestyle and “the mental bonus for women may be due to a greater emphasis on the importance of the relationship,” they write.

Stephanie Pappas, Live Science, reported on a 2012 study by Richard Wight of University of California, L.A. Public Health; after controlling for demographic differences as well as others that influence mental health, such as race, education and self-rated physical health, found that marriage is linked to an increase in well-being for both straight and gay people.

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