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Impulsive…or Just Spontaneous?


Spontaneity out of Control

Impulsiveness, especially impulsive anger, a danger sign.  We have seen, personally and on the news, when emotions get out of control; domestic abuse through mass shootings.  This could be signs of someone living somewhere on the Narcissism-Sociopathy-Psychopathy continuum and their acting out hits us without warning.

“When does spontaneity get out of control?

As humans, the ability to control our impulses-or urges-helps distinguish us from other species and marks our psychological maturity. Most of us take our ability to think before we act for granted. But this isn’t easy for people who have problems controlling their impulses.

People with an impulse control disorder can’t resist the urge to do something harmful to themselves or others. Impulse control disorders include addictions to alcohol or drugs, eating disorders, compulsive gambling, sexual fantasies and behaviors involving non-human objects, suffering, humiliation of children, compulsive hair pulling, stealing, fire setting and intermittent explosive attacks of rage.

Some of these disorders, such as intermittent explosive disorder, kleptomania, pyromania, compulsive gambling and trichotillomania (hair pulling), are similar in terms of when they begin and how they progress. Usually, a person feels increasing tension or arousal before committing the act that characterizes the disorder. During the act, the person probably will feel pleasure, gratification or relief. Afterward, the person may blame himself or feel regret or guilt. You can improve self-control at any age”, according to Marc N. Potenza, MD. (What Are Impulse Control Disorders? By Daniel Ploskin, MD in psychcentral)

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