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Fort Collins, CO – Transplants from CA & TX, Be On Guard

Fort Collins, Colorado – Transplants from California & Texas, be on guard

Acclimating to your new home may involve a bit of anxiety and alienation.

As great a place as it is to live, its residents dislike transplants coming in and bidding up real estate.  Normally friendly, you might exercise patience in acquiring their friendship.  This condition resembles the plight of some our clients living in other countries; alienation and culture shock.  In our professional experience, these clients complain of depression and anxiety over such issues.

Here is one person’s story (

“Fort Collins was very pretty, but we didn’t find the people as welcoming as we expected. The city is suffering growing pains and there is some obvious resentment among the natives. In fact almost without exception the only openly warm and friendly people we met in two months there were transplants from other states, even other countries”.

And another:

“I don’t say this out of bitterness, but simply to share my and my wife’s experience. I’m sure missing our family and friends magnified the feeling, but there is no denying it. The culture there is just different though some of it was college town attitude which is totally understandable”.

Do these comments strike a chord inside? If so, we are here to talk you through your day to day stresses.

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