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Dealing with the Complexities of Social Media

Social media chartSocial media seems to be like the proverbial “double-edged dagger.” While there are people who are continually finding ways to make it a more useful tool, there are others who exploit it for more negative purposes.

A recent news story alleged that a 15-year-old Maine girl was kidnapped and killed by someone using a false Facebook account. This person set up a fake profile, posing as a student from another school, and used it to befriend the girl and lure her away from her home. His plan was to kidnap her and later ‘rescue’ her so he could be a hero, although the plan went awry and the girl ended up dead.

In shocked response, many of the girl’s classmates completely deactivated their Facebook accounts, and school and town officials are looking for ways to educate young people on social media safety.

social media and teen depressionAs people put more and more of their lives on display via tools like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it’s important to know how these venues should be used to enhance our enjoyment of things. They are most likely here to stay – and most likely to become even more integrated into our lives. That said, it’s also very important to understand how we can avoid letting them hurt us, and what ramifications may not be obvious for a naive user.

All of this social technology has come upon us rapidly. People are alarmed by news like this kidnapping and other stories of social media addiction and depression. These are legitimate concerns and our counselors can help you navigate through the confusion.

The professionally trained counselors at Counseling on Demand  help people deal with these issues and others in a way that makes positive use of our currently technology.  In the privacy of your own space, you can have access to virtual, face-to-face therapy – where you need it and when you need it.

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