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I am perspiring, breathing heavily, trembling and shaking like a leaf.  I am feeling so dizzy.  Thoughts are racing through my head.  I can’t speak.  Am I going to die?  Going crazy?

From time to time a great many of us feel this way.  We suffer panic attacks.  Often we are responding to a catastrophic event- Mom has fallen and is bleeding profusely and we call 911.  The airplane is about to take off and our apprehension gets the better of us.  Our sweetheart has left and we suddenly feel hopeless.  One nationally famous newscaster panicked on camera- in front of the world. Others of us are prone to panicky situations and avoid them at all costs.

Be assured that each attack will end- quite often without any action on our part; nevertheless, will it happen again?  Next time what would we do?  Could we take steps to prevent another?

The answer is yes you can.

The main treatment options for panic attacks are psychotherapy and medications. Both are effective. Your doctor likely will recommend one or both types of treatment,

Medications can help reduce symptoms associated with panic attacks (as well as depression if that’s an issue for you).

The goal of treatment is to eliminate all of your panic attack symptoms. With effective treatment, most people are eventually able to resume everyday activities, depending on your preference, your history, the severity of your panic disorder and whether there are therapists with special training in panic disorders in your area.

Psychotherapy, also called talk or behavior therapy, is considered an effective first choice treatment for panic attacks and panic disorder. Psychotherapy can help you understand panic attacks and panic disorder and learn how to cope with them.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can help you learn through your own experience that panic symptoms are not dangerous. During therapy sessions, your therapist will help you gradually re-create the symptoms of a panic attack in a safe, supportive setting. Once the physical sensations of panic no longer seem threatening, the attacks begin to resolve. (Mayo Clinic Staff)

This is where Counseling on Demand comes in. You need not go through this alone.  With our support, you may get through these times in surprisingly short order.

We can help. Our therapists are well versed in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).  We can work with you on a weekly basis- resulting in significant improvements in your panic attack symptoms.  At your first session, we will talk with you about your particular situation and set up a treatment plan- one that will work for you.  Then, we may suggest “homework” for your improvement. In between sessions, you may email and text us with your thoughts or questions.  At the next session, we will both assess how things went and how to go from there. Eventually, as your situation improves, we will taper off to a satisfactory finish.

And…You needn’t leave your favorite/private place.  Nor must you wait for an appointment.  We are there 24/7. You can begin in 24 hours or less.

Your first consultation is free.

We await your call, email or text directly. If you want a face-to-face, we can Skype you on your computer, cell phone or tablet.



I am the Founder and CEO of Counseling On Demand with a Master's Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy with over 25 years of experience in helping Individuals, Couples, Adolescents, and Families who struggle with a wide variety of Life's Challenges. I thus have developed an Array of Effective Counseling Tools and Evidenced-Based Interventions to help you towards Your Road to Better Mental Health and Wellness. You are Never Alone...I look forward to meeting with you or your family member soon!