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Anxiety of stress for New Yorkers (Others too)

12 Steps to minimize it

Stress has become a way of life. Stress on the job has become epidemic.  Anxiety about jeopardy of job loss multiplies it. Abysmal National politics & economics multiplies anxiety geometrically.

We mental health practitioners acknowledge on & off the job stress in our practices and strive to support beleaguered clients laboring under its anxiety (read below).

     Richard Brouillette, a psychotherapist in New York, tells of a woman who complains, “I’m meeting my boss later,” his patient said. “I’m worried she’s going to tell me I’m not pulling my weight, and that I should volunteer to work more hours to show my commitment.” (Why Therapists Should Talk Politics, NY Times, MARCH 15, 2016 3:21 AM)

Professionals of all ages, early on and through later stages, strive to survive their anxieties; job security, meager salary adjustments, coupled with public, social and family demands.  Others are anxiously trying to adjust to the job market, needing to change jobs and cultivate their ‘personal brand”, we hear you.

There is nothing wrong with you per se.  You are reacting normally to an increasingly abnormally stressful life.  You need to understand that your situation is unfair to you and that you are being mistreated.  Your ability to resist internalizing it and not accepting blame for it can be liberating.

Stand up for yourself.

Follow these 12 Ways To Minimize Stress At Work

  1. Act Rather Than React Identify the aspects of the situation you can control and aspects you can’t. Be impeccable for your portion and try to let go of the rest.
  2. Take A Deep Breath If you’re feeling overwhelmed or are coming out of a tense meeting and need to clear your head, a few minutes of deep breathing will restore balance.
  3. Eliminate Interruptions While you may not have control over the interrupters, you can control your response. Accept the interruption, cut it off, or diagnose its importance and make a plan.
  4. Change Your Story Your perspective of stressful office events is typically a subjective interpretation. Step back and take a more objective view, you’ll be more effective and less likely to take things personally.
  5. Cool Down Quickly When you feel frustrated or angry, instead of immediately reacting take a “cooling breath”.
  6. Identify Self-Imposed Stress Learn to stop self- imposing stress by building your own self-confidence rather than seeking other’s approval.
  7. Prioritize Your Priorities. With competing deadlines and fast-changing priorities, it’s critical to define what’s truly important and why.
  8. Reset The Panic Button For those who become panic-y and short of breath before a presentation, you can quickly reduce your anxiety with the right acupressure point. Positioning your thumb on the side of your middle finger and applying pressure instantly helps regulate your blood pressure.
  9. Influence Others Even if you’re responsible for your behavior and outlook, you’re still left dealing with other people’s stressful behavior. Confront the problem coworker or employee in a respectful way and you’re more likely to resolve it.
  10. Be Your Own Best Critic Avoid being harsh and critical of yourself, try pumping yourself up. Encouraging thoughts will help motivate you to achieve and ultimately train you to inspire others.
  11. Eat Right And Sleep Well Eating badly will stress your system. Eat a low-sugar, high-protein diet. And when you’re not sleeping well, you’re not getting the rejuvenating effects.
  12. Schedule Your Day For Energy And Focus If you are thinking if I work the full eight to 10 hours, I’ll get more done-wrong. Instead, productivity goes down, stress levels go up and you have very little energy left over for your family. Schedule breaks throughout the day to walk, stretch at your desk or do a breathing exercise

(Jenna Goudreau, Forbes Staff, quoting Sharon Melnick, Ph.D., a business psychologist and author of just released Success Under Stress )

Still Stressed and Anxious?  

This where Counseling on comes in.  Any member of our team can help you to get through day-to-day.  You can easily match up with your counselor.  It can be done quickly and conveniently.

We at will explore with you the fact that you are being mistreated. The beauty of this is that it can be revelatory and vital to your therapy.  Remember, these problems are not your fault. By focusing on fairness and justice, you have a chance to find what has so frequently been lost: an ability to care for and stand up for yourself. Guilt can be replaced with a clarifying anger, one that liberates a desire — and a demand — to thrive, to turn outward toward others rather than inward, one that draws you forward to make change (Brouillette agrees).

We are online. No need for you to leave home for help. We can get you through this stressful day. You might be able to get a better night’s sleep tonight in the bargain.

That’s us,  You need not go through this alone.  You needn’t leave your favorite/private place.  Nor must you wait for an appointment.  We are always there for you.  You can begin in 24 hours or less. We will work around your schedule, even if it changes with little notice.

With our support, you can get through these times.  Talk Therapy is not just talk.  It is the formation of a unique relationship.  It’s the relationship itself that heals.

Why online??? Online, you can get help NOW.

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