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Anxiety Of Divorce For Women

Anxiety of Divorce for Women

Whether you have left or the one being left, anxiety and depression become a part of you life.

Goldstein, “Divorce and separation can be the most challenging experiences in a woman’s life. Most people are surprised to learn that a significant majority of divorce actions are initiated by women rather than men. While women often are the ones who make this decision this does not mean they come to it without enormous difficulty. Women are still considered by society to be the foundation of family life. While men are increasingly sharing in family responsibility, most women continue to feel that the burden is primarily theirs. This means that many women will carry an additional burden of guilt if they make a decision to break up the family. Women also continue to have primary responsibility for child care in most families and these responsibilities tend to increase after a divorce. Women who make the choice to separate have often struggled with the decision for a long period of time, reluctant to act because of guilt and ambivalence. I am not suggesting that the decision should ever be made lightly but too often a separation is delayed past the point when harm to the children or the woman’s self esteem has already occurred.” (by Robin L Goldstein, EdD Licensed Psychologist,WOMEN AND DIVORCE,

Mary Fenwick’s thoughts, “My own quick check for the difference between sadness and depression involves three P-words – personal (who caused the problem?) permanent (how long will it last?) and pervasive (how much of my life does it affect?). Or follow Joan Baez’s advice: ‘action is the antidote to despair’. Do anything, even if it’s a tiny, silly, wrong thing.” (Mary Fenwick,, cited in Matthew Hunt, Left Behind in “the” Relationship-3 Perspectives,

Jackie Pilossoph, “There are two very difficult emotions that almost everyone going through a divorce experiences for a long time: Anxiety and fear. If you think about it, it makes sense. The unknown can be scary and stressful, especially when it comes to children, finances, living alone, the divorce process itself, maintaining a relationship with your ex, and dating.

There are many ways to soothe anxiety and fear. Some people go on medication. While I am not personally a fan, I think in some cases, seeking medical help and taking a pill is necessary, very beneficial and nothing to be ashamed of. People also cope with anxiety and fear by exercising, making lifestyle changes, going to therapy, implementing faith in their lives and training the mind to re-think.” (Jackie Pilossoph, How to Handle Anxiety and Fear During Divorce, Huffington Post, October 2016)

            As Pilossoph advises- “going to therapy…training the mind to re-think”, this is where Counseling on Demand comes in.

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