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Create An Action Plan For Your Depression

Create an Action Plan for Your Depression

We all hit a brick wall at one point in our lives, in which we procrastinate through most of our goals, plans, and dreams. We feel numb and find lack of meaning regarding our priorities. No matter what we do, nothing helps. In this case, we must create an action plan to keep us moving. Creating an action plan helps alleviate depression and helps us feel good about ourselves when accomplishing our goals. 


Having an action plan is something I have always encouraged my clients to do. You don’t need to overthink it. You just need a few goals, in which you know you will take care of immediately. It keeps you motivated and on your feet. If possible, it’s best to review your goals with a professional so that they can help you identify what’s attainable for you. This is important because people with depression have a tendency to compare their current level of activity to their past level of activity. That’s why it’s important to look at how much you have accomplished and crossed some things off your list.


According to Everyday Health, these are some things to consider when creating your action plan:


Make a list of four to five things you need to get done today and break down your goal into smaller parts. If you have a lot on your plate then brainstorm your list and pick at last three goals that you think are really important and write down how you will accomplish those goals. 


Eat brain food, which includes lentils, fish and lean meats. 


Pamper yourself by doing something that will make you feel good, such as a massage or a new haircut. 

Their tip is to schedule activities at specific times so you don’t get overwhelmed and to keep it visible for you to see it somewhere. 


On Youtube, I watched one video on How to Adult regarding a self-care plan and they state that self-care is the responsibility for oneself. This is true as you are the only person that will take care of you. They addressed an important quote from Life Hacker, “Self-care helps prevent burnout, reduces the negative psychological and physical effects of stress, and helps to refocus on what is true and important.” With that, it’s important to discover what works for you. They suggest creating a “warm & fuzzy file” where it includes good memories and favorite photos. This is a good idea to refer back to in case you are having a bad day and you need something to refer back to. In addition, if there are other people that are part of your action plan then it’s okay to let them know. They may not always be available, yet they are someone who you can hold accountable.


In brief, taking care of yourself is a big part of life. We often avoid it because we feel that it’s selfish or wrong. Nonetheless, you only have one life and you need to make the most of it. The key is to start small and not to overdo it. If you need help with your action plan, please feel free to reach out to one of our counselors who are more than willing to help you. Moreover, it all starts with you so take a breather if you have to, give yourself some time to settle and begin where you are. Sooner or later, you’ll end up where you always wanted to be. 


“When you say yes to others, make sure you are not saying no yourself.”~Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist


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