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When You Can’t Start Over, Then Don’t

Three, two, one! Happy New Years! For many, this holiday is celebrated worldwide with confetti, balloons and fireworks. But for some, it’s the worst holiday to be celebrated among them all because they are reminded of their current New Years and don’t expect much change on their next New Years. What could weigh some people down is the thought of starting over yet still being held back. When you have a mental disorder,the idea of “starting over” or “beginning again” isn’t helpful. Therefore, you have to do a little more each time. If you are in this position, I’d like for you to consider your mental health as your New Year’s resolution. In the end, it all starts with you and then the rest of the world. 


Here are a few suggestions to do a little more each time. 


Try to include walking into your routine

If you can, walk near a lake or garden. That way you are distracted by nature’s beauty. However, a client of mine doesn’t always find taking walks helpful. She says, “ When I take walks to clear my thoughts, my thoughts come with me.” Meaning she is not able to  clear her head and her thoughts become more obsessive. Instead, she has to give herself some time to cool off before she can get some fresh air. 

Put down the phone

We are so consumed by social media and advanced technology. We have to remind ourselves that we are human beings and we are meant for socializing, and not just cyber socializing. So, make it a habit of putting down the phone, tablet, laptop or whatever you have at hand and distract yourself with something else. 

Bucket List Goals

When you have depression, setting up goals can be daunting and nearly impossible to achieve. Yet, we feel worse when we don’t achieve them. Make your goals manageable by creating a bucket list of what you want to achieve and cross it off once it’s done. My client saw on Facebook a similar idea to a bucket list. The idea is to take an empty jar and write down moments you’ve had throughout the year. Then, by the end of the following year, you would read through a jar full of experiences. 


Ultimately, your New Years Resolution should be to take care of you. Start off with one small change and the rest will follow. I know, it’s easier said than done but you need a break from yourself. What better way to do it than to treat yourself. If these suggestions don’t work, then find something that does. New Year’s shouldn’t be a time of despair, but a time of celebration. 

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