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Dysthymia is characteristic of low energy, low drive, low self-esteem, and low capacity for pleasure.

A mild degree of dysthymia may result in a person withdrawing from stress while at the same time avoiding opportunities for failure. Severe cases of dysthymia involve people withdrawing from everyday activities and social isolation.

They tend to find little pleasure in pastimes. A diagnosis of dysthymia is typically difficult because of the subtle nature of symptoms; and patients tend to hide the fact that they may be suffering from this type of depression.

It is not easily detectable within a normal social setting. Symptoms are less detectable, which adds to the complexity of determining the presence of dysthymia when there is an overlap of other disorders.

Suicidal behavior is common among persons with dysthymia. Factors linked with this disorder include social isolation, lack of social support, and stress.

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